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Single Family Homes

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When it comes to real estate options, a single-family home is a great choice.
Among the many options available, the single-family home offers many benefits. Obtaining financing for it is easier, it has fewer outside fees, fewer restrictions, and its appreciation potential is better than most properties. It is no wonder why it is a favorite especially in highly desirable areas such as Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

Single Family Homes for Sale in Dallas, TX

Dallas with its many charming neighborhoods is a prime spot to snag a single-family home in a good community. Here, one can find great single family homes located close to great schools, child friendly parks and open spaces, the trendiest boutiques and stores, as well as amazing restaurants.

Single family homes here come in several architectural designs such as traditional, ranch style homes, to modern contemporary takes, Tudor style homes to elegant French style homes. Many of these properties stand on large lots with impressive lawns and backyards. This is especially true for homes found in older and well established residential areas.

Some of the communities to check in Houston for the best single family homes include the family-friendly suburbs in University Park, the Highland Park with its Old World charms, the tree-lined communities in North Dallas, and the quiet atmosphere of Greenway Parks.

Single Family Homes for Sale in Fort Worth, TX

The City of Cowboys and Culture is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas and as such it is a great place to look for a single family home. Living in Fort Worth means enjoying a cost of living that is lower compared to the national average. And this is in a place that is vibrant, thriving, and ripe with many opportunities.

The neighborhoods in Fort Worth boast an eclectic mix of Craftsman style homes, bungalows, modern contemporary homes, ranch style homes, to restored vintage houses. These properties are located close to their area’s best schools, parks, and shopping and dining hotspots. And Fort Worth’s beautiful and well-maintained neighborhoods provide an amazing backdrop for these homes.

A few of the neighborhoods worth a look in Fort Worth include the affluent neighborhoods in Berkeley, Mistletoe Heights, and Park Hill. Arlington, Crestwood, and Monticello at the Near West Side are in close proximity to downtown Fort Worth at just 2-3 miles away. Magnolia Avenue and Ryan Place are two well established and amazing neighborhoods that have undergone successful restoration projects.

Single Family Homes for Sale in Houston, TX

As cited by HomeUnion, Houston is cited as the 5th best market for single family rentals in the entire country. And according to the Houston Association of Realtors, demand for the property rose to nearly 15 percent this year in February. And this is an excellent indicator of how popular single family homes are in Houston.

And this makes single family homes all the more desirable in Houston as a place of residence. Add to that is the wide range of architectural styles from Colonial revival, ranch style, elegant French or Tudor inspired homes, Victorian era homes, to minimalist contemporary homes.

Some of Houston’s best neighborhoods for single family homes include the family friendly Kingwood with its livable forest and parks, the on-the-rise Braeswood, the lakeside views of Lake Houston, and the highly desirable University Place.