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Dallas TX Real Estate

Dallas holds the distinction of being the largest urban center in Texas.
As the center of oil and cotton industries, and position along numerous railroad lines, Dallas is one of Texas’ most prominent and historically important city. And this is just one of the reasons why over 500,000 people have moved into this thriving region since 2010.

And more are expected to call Dallas as their new home in the coming years. Now, it is the home of over 7 million people that are enjoying what Dallas has to offer may it be amazing neighborhoods with places to play and good schools located nearby or a fast-paced life in its thriving downtown area.

Best of all, living in Dallas is living in a community where the best of big things happen.


Residents of Dallas enjoy a lower cost of living, enjoy the benefits of a job market that is always looking for great new hires, and a city that is a melting pot of experiences. This has made Dallas a welcoming community that is reflected in its sights and sounds. But it is more than just a metropolitan hotspot.

Dallas boasts some of the best schools that are known for their high-quality education. Served by the Dallas Independent School District, some of its top-rated schools include the Highland Park Middle School, the Lakewood Elementary School, and the School for the Talented and Gifted.
The arts and culture scene is just as vibrant as evidenced by Dallas’ prominent Arts District which is home to notable museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art.

Sports play an integral part in the Dallas lifestyle as well. It is home to six major league sports teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Texas Rangers.

Dallas TX Homes for Sale

Boasting excellent communities, it is no surprise the real estate scene in Dallas is enjoying a surge of interest.

As it makes up one-fifth of the bustling and fast-growing Dallas-Fort Worth complex, neighborhoods in Dallas enjoy many perks. From great shopping and dining spots, wide and open places to pay, and good schools, all of these are enjoyed by residents in Dallas.

Some of the most notable neighborhoods in Dallas are the expansive trendy communities in Central Dallas such as Downtown, Design District, and Uptown. In North Dallas, Highland Park and University Park are home to some of the finest houses in the city. Historic South Dallas is well worth checking with communities such as Fair Park, Cedars/Southside, and Oak Cliff.

Nightlife, Shopping, and Dining

When it comes to happy hour, Dallas does not disappoint. Whatever the definition of fun, from hours of window shopping, a pub crawl for the finest graft beer, or a satisfying meal at a top restaurant, Dallas always delivers:

  • Get a drink at the Midnight Rambler
    Locals love the Midnight Rambler for its mysterious interiors that evoke feelings of a classy speakeasy, wonderful service, and an excellent selection of cocktails and food. With its intimate atmosphere, this craft cocktail salon is an excellent choice for large parties or a small gets together. Call them at (214) 261-4601.
  • Snag a midnight meal at the best late night dining spots
    Night owls need not go hungry in Dallas. Head over to The Blind Butcher in Lower Greenville for their mushroom poutine, warm fries, and savory sausage brisket, or make a line to Uptown for the CrushCraft Thai Street Eats for a good serving of Thai drunken noodles, sweet Thai tea, and pad Thai even if its 3 am.
  • Shop at West Village
    Known as Dallas’ most vibrant walkable shopping and dining district, this in-town neighborhood is an excellent place to shop. It boasts of specially selected boutiques and shops along with 19 full-service restaurants that range from nationally renowned names to local favorite chefs. Access the West Village by riding the DART Rail.